Upright Upholstery

Upright Upholstery

250 North Street A12 Danvers, MA 01923


About Us

UpRight Upholstery, Inc. is a third generation (plus) of professional upholsterers, operating since 1920. Our story began with grandfather, Abraham Curewitz, working for several Boston-based upholstery companies. At that time, he attempted to establish better working conditions for factory employees through the formation of an upholstery union. Later, he founded Homestead Shops, Inc., a full-service upholstery company located in Winchester, Massachusetts. His son, Larry, assumed responsibility for the company in the 1970s. In the late 80s Larry’s son, Steven, established UpRight Upholstery in Danvers, Massachusetts where it continues to operate as a family-owned business. The fourth generation, Steven’s sons, can often be seen along side their father assisting with current projects.

(left) Larry Curewitz    (right) Steven Curewitz
(left) Larry Curewitz (right) Steven Curewitz